About Christina Yu

Jewelry designer Christina Yu’s curious mind has taken her through professional trainings in architecture, interpreting and translating before she embarked on the fabulous journey of jewelry design in 2009. Gratefully rediscovering her god-given talent and passion in design, Christina obtained certificates in Jewelry Design at GIA Taiwan and Rhinoceros CAD Drawing. Christina continued to persue training in enamelling and jewelry making. She is working closely with her brother Lenny, an extraordinary young expert and enthusiast in gemstones. Christina and Lenny are both certified in Jadeite Grading. Christina now lives in Shanghai, China with her family.

About Shine Fine Jewelry

Shine Fine Jewelry is created by jewelry designer Christina Yu. The name “Shine” represents not only the shine of jewels, but also pronouces similarly to Christina’s Chinese nickname “Shuan”. Believing that “Every Woman Shines”, “Shine Fine Jewelry” presents fun, charming and feminine styles that bring out the light within you!.