How do I order works of Shine Fine Jewelry?

Shine Fine Jewelry offers the following categories of works:

  • Limited Edition – original design, produced in limited editions. Delivery upon order. Customisation with preferred materials in identical design available in most cases. Price and production time vary. Please contact us for details.
  • One-of-a-kind – original design, unique pieces. Delivery upon order. Ring size alteration possible in most cases.
  • Custom Design – custom made to suit your desire. Please note production takes more than one month in most cases. Procedures:
    1. Understanding your design requirements.
    2. Draft design proposal and quotation. Material costs quoted at market rate at the time of desposit payment.
    3. Deposit payment: upon confirmation on design and materials, client is to pay upfront deposit of 30~50% of the total quote. In the cases gemstone sourcing is commissioned, client is to pay full amount for the gemstones at this point.
    4. Production of the piece. In most cases production would take 20~30 days after confirmation of design.
    5. Delivery of final piece and payment of balance: final price will be calculated based on material used. Piece to be delivered upon client’s balance payment.


I have gemstones/jewelry that I kept. Can they be used to make new jewelry?

Gemstones: Yes. The designer will use/re-use your gemstones to best suit your new jewelry design requirement, and suggest material combinations as well. The designer could also help to source side stones if necessary.
Old gold settings: due to purity and gold loss considerations, we intend not to accept old gold settings. Please contact us for details.


For Custom Design, what are the choices of precious metal materials? How are prices calculated? Do you accept pure gold from client for settings?

  1. Choices of precious metal: Sterling silver, 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, and platinum.
    Colours of karat-gold: White gold, pink gold, yellow gold. For pink and yellow gold, the colours are slightly different between 14k and 18k, if compared closely. Pink and yellow gold are processed without plating, hence the colours would not fade.
  2. Price of precious metals are quoted at market rate at the time of deposit payment. Prices include loss during processing.
  3. Yes, pure gold from client is accepted.


I would like to order Limited Edition jewelry. Is it possible to engrave words onto the piece?

Yes. Please note this would push back delivery by one working day. Length limit of the engraving depends on space allowed on specific pieces. Please contact us for details.